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Travelling The North Coast 500 On Your Motorbike

The keen motorcyclist will know that feeling of freedom as they drive along a remote road with the wind blowing over them and the world is their oyster.

The North Coast 500 is the perfect route for the travelling motorcyclist and this mode of transport trumps all others on several counts. Firstly, there’s no pedal power required and nevertheless remains a relatively lightweight form of transport and parking anywhere is never going to be a problem, even at a campsite.

In a similar way to cycling, carrying a load of camping kit can be cumbersome, so the vast array of campsites along the way that offer pods, cabins and tent hire may just be the accommodation solutions you will want. Always remember to book during the high season, this route is becoming ever more popular as word gets out on the breathtaking views and spectacular natural beauty.

While there are plenty of fuel stations along the way, it can be easy to forget that fuel consumption is different when you’re riding along in a stop-start manner to enjoy the pleasures of nature’s own treasure trove. Motorcycles have smaller fuel tanks than cars, and there are stretches where the filling stations are much further between. Take a paper map with and plot the refuelling points along the way before you leave. Even more prudent is to identify alternatives, just in case a filling station is closed for an unpredictable reason.

There is so much to see and do and being on a bike there is very little that you won’t be able to access. From castles to beaches to the famous glass-bottomed boat, caves, museums and waterfalls. If you haven’t already worked out a fixed itinerary starting off, then head to Inverness. In Inverness, you will be able to amass enough literature from tourist information to keep you busy on the route for a year.

Whether you are taking this route by a meticulously minute by minute plan or simply exploring it on the fly, whatever your style, there is something to suit everyone. Be sure to pack a few alternative pay as you go sims just in case you get into a tight spot and need to be sure of a network.

Be sure to pack a first aid kit for both you and your bike. If you have a roadworthy scrambler, you may even be able to reach spots that others can’t but always remember not to harm the environment and the rights of private property owners.