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Travelling The North Coast 500 In A Motorhome

When you decide to explore the famous Route 500 that runs along the north coast of Scotland, it will be a decision that you never come to regret. With the most spectacular scenery and wide open spaces, you’ll be tempted to simply carry on life as a traveller and never return to the daily grind.

Route 500 is most often started off by leaving Inverness and travelling in a circular route around a piece of coastline that juts out from mainland Scotland.

If you’re planning a slow comfortable journey along the way, it is recommended that the first night is spent at the starting point so that you can start fresh for the day and adventure ahead of you. Inverness and the surrounds offer an abundance of caravan parks with pitches especially for motorhomes, so there will be no difficulty in finding an overnight stopover.

The best part of motorhome travel along this route is that you can enjoy the scenery anywhere along the journey from a home-like environment, irrespective of the weather. Should there be a bad break in the weather for a few hours, you can find a safe place to stop, take a nap, reorganise the journey or even make a cup of tea and enjoy the time spent with the rest of your party.

While there are plenty of towns and villages along the route, you should remember this is mostly a rural scenic route, so those bespoke tea bags that you love so much from the unique bohemian emporium in the centre of the city are not going to be available in the depths of the Scottish wild. The motorhome is a fantastic solution to these dilemmas because as your home from home on wheels, it has the storage space for you to bring along those home comforts that you otherwise would not be able to.

Motorhomes come in different shapes and sizes so be sure to understand that along this route the road can become narrow with sharp bends and turns. That doesn’t make it impassable, but you will need to be confident in a vehicle that is larger than what you may be used to. Be prepared to make detours to suit your motorhome as safety is paramount, for you and other road users.

Remember also that your vehicle will be slower and bulkier than others on the road and you may need to let them pass, particularly on stretches that have a lot of bends and turns. The route is a necessity to Highland dwellers as well as being a place for tourists, so let everyone have an enjoyable journey, with views so spectacular, you can afford a few minutes break to let others pass.

You’ll need to bring along clothing for all types of weather, in Scotland the North Atlantic can blow in some rather sudden showers, that can also leave as fast as they arrived. Plenty of your favourite food staples are a no brainer, ensure the vehicle is filled with fuel, a functioning camera and of course a map, do not rely on GPS.

This route is dotted with excellent caravanning and campsites all the way, so there won’t be a shortage of places to stop along the way. You can cut a day short or travel a little further and stop off wherever it meets your fancy. A word of warning though, the favourite stopover points fill up quickly in the summer, sometimes a little planning will pay off when you need a really good night’s rest.