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Plodda Falls

Plodda Falls Inverness, United Kingdom

Plodda Falls

Plodda Falls is one of the most beautiful water falls in Scotland and yet is relatively unknown. The Forestry Commission of Scotland to their great credit have done much to enhance the visitors experience of the falls.

See a short Video of the Plodda Falls on You Tube.

Visiting these falls should be high on every visitor's itineray provided they can put the time aside during their trip. We recommend combining it with a trip to Drumnadrochit on Loch Ness and the Bronze Age, Corrimony Chambered Cairn.

There are several views of the falls, one overlooking the falls built by the Forestry Commission of Scotland, replacing the much earlier bridge built in 1880 by Lord Tweedmouth.

The circular walk passes through some magnificent Douglas fir and larch trees planted between 1895-1900, amongst the highest trees in Britain. Also look out for the wood ants nests, but please do not to damage them - they've taken a long time to build!


Situated 6.1 miles from A831 Plodda-Falls3.jpgat Cannich village. Follow signs for and through Tomich historic village to the falls. Well signposted. The last 1.5 miles is on a good dirt road.

From the car park and picnic tables, there are two way-marked trails, one to the Plodda Falls (1mile) and the other called Tweedmouth walk (1.75 miles).

  • From the car park go to the three markerposts beyond, and then turn left at the sign "Plodda Falls 300m".
  • Continue, to reach the viewpoint at the top of the falls.
  • From the top of the falls take the path going downhill, which starts with three steps, then you come to a junction.
  • Go to the bottom of the falls, turn sharp left here, along the fence.
  • From the lower viewpoint, return to way-marker No 4.
  • Back at way-marker No 4 go left (green post) and arrive at a junction after about 400m.
  • Turn right here, along by the river. You now walk along the driveway leading to Guisachan House. Continue straight ahead, ignoring a narrow path going off to the right, until you reach a gate leading to Guisachan House.
  • From Guisachan House, return by the same track to reach a fork.
  • Go left and continue to return to the car park

Obviously the falls are more dramatic depending on the amount of rain in the area, so viewing can vary at different times of the year.

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